This is one of those things you see online that you might miss if you scroll too quickly. Recently Lakeville police were called in regards to objects being thrown from a vehicle, but it wasn't just any object, the items being thrown from the vehicle were reported by the caller to be cheese.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

I'm not sure why you'd want to throw cheese at another vehicle or at a person unless it was part of that Kraft Single challenge that was going around the internet a few years ago.

That challenge saw adults and teens filming themselves throwing cheese singles at people, namely young children, to see their reaction when it would stick to them. (really dumb)

Maybe that is what was going on down in Lakeville, one commenter on the MN Crime page post said that her husband woke up one morning to a single piece of cheese stuck to their windshield, although that took place in Albertville. reports that driving and throwing cheese at unsuspecting people or drivers is a NEW TikTok trend that is going around but is especially popular in Ohio and Texas. wrote:

Jalopnik reports that in this trendy TikTok challenge, people throw cheese at unsuspecting passersby, or leave slices on stationary vehicles for bewildered owners to later find. While this might be funny to some, those receiving the cheese are not so thrilled. Not only is it a hazard that can distract drivers and even obscure their vision, but the cheese can also melt and create a sticky mess. If you know your cheeses, there are more acidic ones that could eat away at the finish of your car’s paint, and if the melted cheese is left long enough to harden, it could be hard to remove.
Keep the cheese where it belongs, on noodles, and sandwiches, not windshields and vehicles.

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