Last summer my wife and I had the cool opportunity to participate in a photoshoot in Bayfield, Wisconsin. I had seen a casting call-type notice looking for couples to participate in a "paid photoshoot" that would take place on a pontoon cruising Lake Superior.

I decided to submit our photos and see what happened. We ended up getting hired and we went to Bayfield the night before to have a little fun in the cool, scenic city. On the day of the photoshoot, we were instructed to arrive very early at the boat docks.

When we arrived, we met another couple who had been hired for the same photoshoot, along with another man who would be the pontoon driver. We were told the setup was that we were all friends out on Lake Superior on a sunrise cruise.

While it was cold that morning, we all had a great time, and over the next 6 hours or so we went to various areas while another pontoon carrying a photographer and drone operator captured us from many different angles. The images captured would be used in various capacities for Premier Marine.

One picture of my experience showed up on Premier Marine's social media pages. I'm in the photo on the upper left of the Facebook post below, the one in the peach shirt with the binoculars they provided for me. I'm not sure where any of the video footage ended up.

We did get paid and yes I'd love to do it again. It looks like that opportunity is presenting itself again this summer. Recently, the MD Creative Agency posted another casting call for photoshoots this summer and this time they're not only looking for couples but for families. If those families have boat-loving dogs, even better.

The paid photoshoots will take place on July 18, 19, and 20th Bayfield, Wisconsin. Those hired for a shoot must be available for about 5 hours on 1 day.

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Here is who they're looking for:

  1. An active family of 4 or 5 (2 parents + 2 or 3 kids) that would be comfortable riding on a pontoon and the kids also playing and splashing in the water in a beach setting. Bonus if you also have a dog that would ride on the pontoon and play with the kids on the beach!
  2. Active, boat-loving males, females, or couples aged 30-50 who would be comfortable riding on or driving a pontoon. If you have a dog that is comfortable riding on a pontoon, that is a big plus! If so, include a photo of your pup too.


If you fit the bill and are interested, email the following information to

  • Name
  • Age
  • Snapshot (Include a dog photo if you have one)
  • Date(s) of availability, 7/18-7/20
  • Phone Number

Please note that to be considered, you must have reliable transportation that will get you to a local dock in Bayfield WI, where the shoot will take place. Also, they will reach out to those who are interested to discuss details and pay rates.

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