Have you ever moved out of Minnesota, been gone for a few years and then try and move back?  Of course whenever you move, there are things that you need to do... address change, ultility hook ups, figure out your internet, and also changing your license plate and driver's license.  And if you have done this when you move back to Minnesota, you know that part of this process is to have to take the written driver's test over again.

Retaking the written portion of the test is only if you A) never had a Minnesota Driver's license or B) had one and it has since expired.

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I have lived in several other states, and then moved back to Minnesota.  This process has happened twice. The moving back to Minnesota part.  While I lived in another state I got a driver's license from that state.  So, I did have a valid driver's license, but my original Minnesota Driver's License had expired.  So, I have taken that written exam at least 3 times.  When I was 16, when I moved out of Minnesota and back the first time, and when I moved out of Minnesota and came back the 2nd time.  At the last one I mentioned that no other states make you do this.  And the person working at the DMV mentioned that she has heard that a few times before.

Now, this law is changing.  Beginning August 1st, if you have a valid Driver's License from another state you will not need to take the written test in Minnesota.  But you should still familiarize yourself with Minnesota driving laws.  

Part of the reason for this change is because of the back log of would - be test takers that extends back from pandemic times in 2020. This will hopefully aleviate that issue somewhat.

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