Remember when the news hit back in November about a new place opening up about 20 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota?  That new eatery is opening up on Wednesday!

New Restaurant, Tammy's Place, Opening March 1st in Kasson, Minnesota

If you missed the news a few months ago, word started spreading about a new restaurant that was going to open up in the old Misplaced Magnolia at 111 W Main Street in Kasson, Minnesota.


Main street in Kasson, Minnesota is getting a new business at 111 W Main Street. Tammy's Place is coming to town and will be moving into the space previously occupied by Misplaced Magnolia.

I've been watching to see when the new restaurant might be ready and just saw the exciting news the other day posted on Facebook:

Opening Wednesday, March 1st @ 11am
We can’t wait to see you ❤️ - Tammy's Place Facebook Page

If you are hungry, you may want to skip this next part because seeing the food options at Tammy's Place may make your stomach growl.  A sneak peek of the menu was released and you can get a glimpse here.

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