The last 365 days have been a year of injuries at my house.  We had 2 concussions, 2 surgeries, 1 rusty nail in a foot, a broken ankle, and a few simple injuries but those were the big ones we encountered as a family.  It exhausts me all over again writing all of that.  Every single time I got that call that a kid was hurt or I myself felt a new pain, Google was like a bff, right there to help me through those moments.

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New Research Shows Top 5 Most Googled Injuries in Minnesota

My family isn't the only one hitting up Google when we feel that surge of pain.  Nope, there are a bunch of us typing symptoms in that search bar.  And thanks to all that data being collected by Google, a few experts in our world have figured out what the top 5 injuries were that we Googled in the land of 10,000 lakes.

Top 5 Injuries Googled in Minnesota

Injuries happen - that's just part of life, especially if kids are part of your world. When someone in your home gets hurt, we tend to go first to Google to see if we can figure out the injury ourselves. According to some research by, below are the top 5 injuries that are Googled by people in Minnesota.

If your family seems to be prone to concussions like mine, it looks like we aren't alone.  According to the press release that I received with this survey info by, the search for concussions was the top injury search throughout the nation.

“Injuries happen when we least expect them, so it can be stressful and overwhelming when one occurs while lacking knowledge on the steps to take. Fortunately, the data suggests which injuries are most common in each state – and by understanding the symptoms, medical help can be sought as urgently as possible.”

“However, it’s crucial to always seek the advice of a professional, even if you feel confident about the injury; treatment of injuries can vary depending on the severity, so not seeking medical help urgently can cause the injury to worsen and delay the healing process.” -

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What Was the Last Injury That Sent You To The Doctor?

The last injury we had was an ankle that we thought was just sprained.  Nope - turned out that my kid actually broke a small part of his fibula.  His ankle was so gross and swollen!  He ended up getting two different boots to wear during his recovery and was off his foot for about 4 weeks.  Oh, and it was his driving foot so I had the pleasure of leaving work every day to take him to and from school during all of that.  It was a great bonding time...and I remembered very quickly what it was like to drive in a high school parking lot.  #IDidNotEnjoyIt #HighSchoolersNeedMoreDrivingTraining

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

The Top Things People in Rochester, Minnesota Googled in 2022

I'm still laughing at what people are apparently googling in Rochester.  If you missed the story we published earlier this year, it includes the top items searched by you and me...but I'm laughing because I know that I am part of the reason #10 was llamas.  I did a few different stories about llamas, so yeah, "Hi, it's me, I'm the problem".

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