Our friends at the DECC have clued us into a fun family event coming in September. Petlandia Pet Expo is bringing some furry fun to the Northland.

There will be some awesome demonstrations too! DockDogs Northern Stars is one of the main acts, and you really need to check these guys out.

Here's a video of them in action from a previous expo.

Petlandia would also like to feature your talented pet! They have a Petlandia's Video Fest where they'll play a reel on the big screen of all the videos at the Pet Video Fest Theater. It's your chance for your pet to shine!

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There will also be adoption oppourtunities, educational booths, and pet care products. You can talk one on with pet professionals about their services and expertise to help you and your pet live their best life.

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How about different kinds of pets, like snakes? For those reptile lovers, there's Snake Sunday where they will feature YouTube stars Snake Discovery!

Other vendors include:

  • Shine Pet Photography
  • Diva Dog Grooming
  • Range Regional Animal Rescue
  • White Pine Pet Care
  • Gifts By Gab
  • Tabletop Shop
  • DogApproved.biz
  • Rustic Acres
  • Minnesota Nice Dog Company
  • Puppa's Pals
  • RR Professional Dog Training And Boarding
  • Sheila's Signs & Designs

While this event is to celebrate pets, due to the current spread of canine influenza, guests cannot bring their pets unless they are part of a scheduled event or approved in advance.

The Petlandia Pet Expo takes place September 23rd and 24th.

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