In know it's the first day of summer, but it's fun to plan ahead.  And if you are going to participate in a Halloween event that is as extravagant as this one claims to be, you might want to plan a great costume too. Something that will play into what this is supposed to be.

Do you like to be scared? Thrilled? A place where "nightmares become reality"? Then this experience is for you.

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Mall of America in Bloomington announced that this year will be a different type of Halloween event than what they have been in the past.  They are saying that they have teamed up with a haunted attractions company called "American Monsters" to put on a 45,000 square foot event for people who love Halloween and everything it stands for.

According to

“We are thrilled to partner with the leaders in the haunt themed entertainment industry to open a first-of-its-kind Halloween attraction,” said Chris Grap, Mall of America’s vice president of experiential.

“American Monsters will bring to life their creative and terrifying concepts, turning nightmares into reality.

This will include scare actors, elaborate sets and everything that someone who loves Halooween will be expecting and will not disappoint.

There will also be some refreshments that will include some "creepy cocktails and freaky foods".  Great.  Not sure what that means, but liquid courage might help in this situation if you are kind of a wuss like me.

The idea of this is a story driven Halloween attraction

...guests will step inside a world of creepy Louisiana bayous and graveyards, to come face-to-face with supernatural terror and a creature out for revenge. We are excited to bring our chilling story to guests at Mall of America, the Midwest epicenter of entertainment

Tickets go on sale early August, and the event will run from September 15th through Halloween, Octoer 31st.  No word on what the cost will be at this point.

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