Minnesotan and Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee has announced that she is ending her college gymnastics career at Auburn University due to a health issue. She shared the news on her Twitter.

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It's so sad to see someone have to put an end to a journey that they aren't quite ready to be done with yet. I'm sure she wanted to spend a lot more time with her Auburn gymnastics team but her health told her otherwise.

During Suni's two years on the Auburn gymnastics team, she won an individual national championship, according to ABC 6 News, and "[made] history alongside [her team]."

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Her team is currently competing in the NCAA regionals but Suni has been on the sidelines due to the health issue that is ending her college gymnastics career.

Suni reveals in her Tweet that she has a non-gymnastics related issue with her kidneys. She says "the medical team did not clear me to train and compete over the last few weeks."

Will Suni Lee Compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics?

So, of course, a question that many of us are asking is if this means Suni will be ending her competitive gymnastics career altogether. The answer to that is no! She says, "I will not stop pursuing my dreams of a bid to Paris in 2024." So she's hoping to get this kidney issue under control to be able to make it to the next Olympic Games. Hopefully everything goes well for her!

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