I'll never understand how someone would do a thing like this. It's just a wonder the 12 year old boy wasn't killed.

Last Friday, according to valleynewslive.com,12 year old Zamir Lamar of Moorhead was walking across a street with his bike on a green light when a woman ran a red light and hit Zamir and dragged him a few feet. The woman then got out of her vehicle and yelled profanities at Zamir and left the scene.

The boys mother, Laqueisha Lamar said “I just want to know why. I need a why. I was angry. At this point, I feel it was intentional,”

Zamir has had 4 surgeries, so far, after being flown flown to Mayo in Rochester. The 12 year old suffered severe injuries to his foot and ankle, as well as, broken pelvis and sprained shoulder.

She is very grateful her son is still alive after the accident and that Zamir's friend stayed with him until help arrived.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help cover Zamir's surgeries and estimated 5 day hospital stay.  Donations are welcome and appreciated. You can donate here.

This message was posted on Zamir's Go Fund Me page;

Hello my name is Laqueisha Lamar and this is my 12 year old son Zamir. Friday night in Moorhead MN around 8 pm he was biking home with a friend. As he was crossing the street on his green light a truck driven by a woman ran a red light and struck him. My son and his bike went under the truck and she drugged him a few feet. She then proceeded to stop jump out the truck shout profanity at him then pulled off leaving him in the street. Since then my son has had 2 surgeries with a few more to go. A broken ankle a ruptured bladder a sprained shoulder and more. We had to be airlifted 4 hours from our home because the hospital could not perform the surgeries he need to restore his ankle/foot. I’m asking for help because this came unexpectedly and I just found out the stay in the hospital will be at least 5 days. I have other children at home being baby sat. I had no time to prepare for this tragedy and to be frank I do not have the funds to take this break from my life. Anything helps even just a prayer. Thank you


Updates (1)

Todayby Que Blacc, Organizer
Good morning! Just want to update you guys. Zamir is having his 4th surgery today including his pelvic his bladder and his ankle. Yesterday they put a brace on his left leg as the found out his knee was in fact fractured. So continue to pray for us please I feel the love and support. Thank you!

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