Whether you've gone grocery shopping, ate out or even gotten fast food lately, you've probably noticed that prices are a little more these days. Remember the days when you could go to a fast food restaurant and prices were a lot cheaper. That's some small part of why one goes there, isn't it? Plus, of course the convenience, that's nice too.

But with the combination of so many things over the past two to three years, like it or not, prices on just about anything and everything has gone up. I've also noticed that the extras even condiments are just that, an extra cost. Not much is free anymore these days, you will get nickel and dimed on just about everything.

One Minnesotan definitely felt the bottom line of that extra the other day.  User Jessalyn_m_r of Minnesota shared her Subway experience the other day, noting how disappointed she was in what she got for the price she paid.


@jessalyn_m_r @subway this is highway ROBBERY! Who the hell has this kind of money to be coming to your “fast food” restaurant and pay more for a 6in wrap, then a whole plate at a dine in? 😡 #disappointment #inflation #subway #notcool #minnesota #expensive #ridiculous ♬ original sound - Jessalyn Mara Roussi

She explained how she had ordered a wrap for the first time and had ordered extra meat and the whole thing came to $18, plus when paying it was asked on the screen if she wanted to leave a tip.

The whole video has arguments for both sides. Many suggesting to her that she did ask for extra meat and cheese so she would end up paying more for that. A manager at a Subway even spoke up at one point, stating;

Wraps are one size. The turkey wrap comes with 12 slices of turkey and two slices of cheese. you asked for double.

The TikTokker then did clarify that she had been given only around 3-4 slices which is why she wanted more and even with the so called "extra" she didn't have 12 slices on her sub.

Yes, it's a very he said, she said or they said type argument. Everyone will have their opinion on it, but it does bring up a good question, are fast food prices becoming a little outrageous? There's your food for thought for today, if you have thoughts one way or the other, let me know in our app!

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