Minnesota weather can be incredibly frustrating at times. If you live here you've probably experienced all four seasons in a single day. Later this week, we'll get a dose of two, spring and winter, in one day.  I'm so ready for summer, but mother nature wants to dump some more snow on us.

Last weekend, I put my snowblower in storage because I didn't think I would need it again (fingers crossed) until next winter, but there is snow in the forecast for Minnesota this week. Read how much we're expected to get and when it's expected to fall below.

Minnesota Weather: Thunderstorms Friday, Snow Friday Night

Rochester and Minneapolis will get thunderstorms during the day on Friday with snow during the evening.

I love thunderstorms and they're an obvious sign of spring so I'm all about that, but I could do with out the snow.

How Much Snow Is Expected?

Snow removal metal shovel

Thankfully, I won't have to dig my snowblower out of storage.

Rochester and the Twin Cities area are expected to get 1-3 inches on Friday night. Parts of northern Minnesota could get even more.

There are no thunderstorms in the forecast for Duluth, but they could get half a foot of snow. The latest forecast for Duluth calls from 1-3 inches during the day on Friday and an additional 1-3 that night.

Famer's Almanac Releases Summer Forecast for Minnesota

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The Farmer's Almanac claims to be right about 80% of the time. They just released their long-term prediction for summer and are saying it's going to be steamy with "unrelenting heat". Read more here. 

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