It's always exciting for me to hear about Minnesota artists and songwriters making their dreams come true, and on Friday, March 10th, 2023, country music superstar Tim McGraw released a brand new song to country radio called, 'Standing Room Only," and a former Perham resident was a writer on the song.


What's even more spectacular, is Patrick Murphy himself. He's got an amazing voice, and I can't wait for us all to hear more.


According to an interview in the Detroit Lakes Tribune, Patrick Murphy helped write the song during the beginning of Covid-19 over a Zoom call with other songwriters Tommy Cecil and Craig Wiseman.

Patrick Murphy/Youtube

Patrick isn't new to songwriting. He lived in Phelps Mill which is where his musical journey started.

His parents recognized when he was just a toddler, that Patrick had a love of music. He started piano lessons when he was around the age of 5. When he was 12 years old, he entered The Minnesota State Fair Talent contest, and sang and played piano. Patrick ended up winning in his age group for kids 12 and under.

After winning, he started taking music a little bit more seriously. His first gig was at a place called 'Spanky's.'


Patrick played throughout his school years, and once he graduated from high school in 2016, he made the trip to go to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Murphy was offered a deal with Sony Music Publishing in December of 2019, just a few days before he graduated from college.


He also signed a record deal with Warner Music Nashville, so he writes music to share with the music community but he does keep songs that he feels are right for himself as well.

You can find music by Patric Murphy at Spotify and other music apps, or find his Youtube channel under Patrick Murphy. You can also follow Patrick on Facebook by clicking HERE.

To read more about Patrick, click HERE now.


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