Well, I don't think you'll often see what a North Branch Police Officer captured very often, at least not in the metro. A North Branch officer snapped a pic at the local Dairy Queen and a teen with her horses stopping at the drive-thru!

The caption that accompanied the photo was simple but pretty perfect. The post read:

Dairy Queen please tell us you have a horse version of the pup cup…

While many drive-thru's won't serve you if you are on foot, or any other type of transportation outside of a registered vehicle, I'm guessing that this young lady either knew the folks at her local Dairy Queen or was willing to bet that there might be an exception in her case as she had two horses in tow.

As for the question about a horse-equivalent pup cup, I don't think DQ has an item for that, but I'm sure these beautiful creatures were treated to some sugar cubes or sunflower seeds after their day in North Branch.

I checked online to see if there was a parade the day that this photo was shared in the North Branch area, but I didn't see one, so I wonder what brought this young lady to DQ with her horses.

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