Wyoming Minnesota's police department should be looking over its social media shoulders...as one of their neighboring city's police departments is bringing the funny to social media. North Branch's police department recently posted about all of the 'extra' fireworks that have been shot off around the city. They invoked an all-time annoying public service announcement for the 501c3 Kars 4 Kids. For those in the know that should be enough to get all the hooligans to stop.

The department posted the 'threat' on social media yesterday afternoon and it has been shared more than 300 times already!

The message from the police was funny on multiple levels:

Alright, it’s July 6th, anyone who shoots off fireworks starting tonight will have squad cars in your driveway blaring the “Kars4kids” jingle over our speaker.
You have been warned.

The infamous Kars 4 Kids commercial has been airing across slices of Minnesota for years, and if you aren't familiar with it, I apologize but I've put the commercial below, play it at your own risk!

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North Branch's police aren't wrong with their post, as anything that flies or explodes in the air is illegal according to Minnesota Law, and fireworks enthusiasts around this time of year often seem to save a few for the days that lead up to and follow America's Independence Day, often times much to the regret of the neighbors.

Fireworks don't really bother me being shot off, but many times people's pets or those who have PTSD can have a rough time with the constant noise being generated by the festive celebrations.

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