Let's face it, we are all pretty darn sick of winter and rightfully so. It's been a tough one! The constant flux in temperatures and mixed precipitation has raised havoc with the streets around town. It's been just a perfect storm for potholes.

So, why not throw a bit of levity into the whole pothole situation and at least squeeze whatever smiles we can out of it. According to fox9.com, Nate Hood, of St Paul is doing just that.

Hood started his own Pothole Photo Challenge on the Highland Neighborhood Face book page. "I'm looking for the photo I'm going to be able to frame in my living room," said Nate Hood of St. Paul's Highland Park neighborhood.

So in his search for the pothole of all potholes, Hood wants people to submit pictures of potholes they have discovered in the area. He wants a picture and location of the pothole.

"I thought we should have some fun with all the complaining people are doing on the neighborhood Facebook page. So I said let's turn a negative into a positive and at least let people know where there are some potholes across the city," said Hood.

Hood told Fox 9 that he's received over a dozen pretty creative submissions, so far, on some of the standout road divots in and around his neighborhood.

All entries will be judged by none other than Hood's 5 year old daughter, Hadley. "I think my daughter Hadley is a good judge of pothole character and artistic quality. She's a bit of an artist herself so I thought she would be a good judge," said Hood.

Winner with the best pothole picture, according to judge Hadley, will receive a $10 Target gift card. It's not like winning Powerball but it's all about the fun, right?

"I would say I hope this raises awareness for potholes. However, drivers are keenly aware of it and I'm sure tire salesmen and auto mechanics are as well. We're just trying to have some fun with the season of potholes," said Hood.

I'm not sure from how far out of Hood's neighborhood he is accepting submissions but, you can always send your photos to us, too. Send them to baxter@1037theloon.com.

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