Minnesota's Grand Casino hotels and casinos located in Hinkley and Mille Lacs have been very popular since their opening in the early 90s.

They were both always known for their all you can eat buffets with different themes.  One of the more popular ones were the crab leg buffets.  After COVID, those types of things changed a bit, as they did everywhere else.

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Now, Grand Casino has announce a huge remodel and revamp of the hotel lobby and rooms that will include some themed rooms.  Are they the Fanta-Suites that used to be a thing a couple of decades ago?  Not quite, but they still sound pretty amazing.

According to Bring Me the News through a Press Release:

The transformation at the Grand Casino properties includes a full makeover of both lobbies, designed to blend "functionality with a refined and subtle charm, 

"Art in the hotel rooms and public spaces will be exclusively crafted by Indigenous artists," 

The suite experiences will also be enhanced, with a British pub-themed suite and a speakeasy-themed suite to be introduced. 

And with the popularity of Speakeasys across the country, this sounds like a step in the right direction to take the hotel/casino into a new age.  In other words keeping up with the times... but by doing that, bringing back some old-time feel.  Things from the 1920s and around that era are becoming more and more popular.

Will this encourage more people to stay at the hotel instead of just stopping into the casino to gamble for a few hours, or grab somethung to eat and move on?  Maybe. I'm sure that is the goal.

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