Recently the State Patrol shared a picture of a radar gun with a caption that talked about the same driver getting caught twice driving more than 100 mph on the same Minnesota road.

According to the post from the Minnesota State Patrol:

Excessive speeding puts lives at risk.

A trooper pulled over a driver on northbound Interstate 494 for going 109 mph in a 60 mph zone. Their excuse? They were going to work. Turns out it was the second time in two days that trooper pulled over a driver for going over 100 mph in the same area.

Thankfully they were ticketed before they caused a crash. Slow down. Don’t put yourself and others at risk. Extra enforcement is now on Minnesota roads.

The nerve of some people! I can't imagine going more than 100 mph on an interstate in the Twin Cities area! That's nuts!

Thankfully the driver was cited for her driving, and hopefully, the fines/tickets catch up to their bank account.

Growing up I had a neighbor who sat in a plastic patio chair in her driveway, waiting for cars to drive by, going way too fast. The unsuspecting driver generally slammed on their brakes after my neighbor would hurl a tennis ball at the window of the car, pretty soon word got around about my neighbor and her 'skills' and the road got less traffic and it was safer for others in the neighborhood.

Can the Minnesota State Patrol add tennis ball throwing to go along with tickets for all the speeding we are seeing?

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