Sometimes the internet is full of messages that bring smiles.  Sadly, a message showed up on Thursday, March 9th from a well-loved zoo that is full of heartbreak.

Como Park Zoo in Minnesota Sadly Announces The Death of a Beloved Animal

My family loves Como Park Zoo and seeing all of the amazing animals.  We all have our favorites but one that stands out from the rest, mostly because of its height, is the giraffe.  Unfortunately, a heartbreaking message posted on Facebook revealed that one of the favorites at Como Park Zoo has passed away:

Reticulated Giraffee - Canva
Reticulated Giraffee - Canva

We are so sad to have to announce that our beloved female giraffe Daisy has passed away. Daisy, 23, suffered from severe degenerative arthritis and her quality of life had steadily declined to a point that the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize her early this morning. Please keep Daisy’s care team in your thoughts. They are devastated.

You can read more about Daisy and her incredible life at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory website.

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Thinking of all of the staff right now at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. 😢

It's been a rough couple of years for the team at Como Park Zoo.  Just a few months ago, the beloved orangutan, Amanda, that has been part of Como Zoo for 40+ years passed away as well.  In 2020, the zoo community was hit hard again when the well-known polar bear, Buzz, died.

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