There has been some controversy over drag events in Minnesota, and all over the country.  There are drag happy hours, drag breakfast/brunches, and also some children's stores have been having some drag story time events.  The latter is one that is being addressed now.

There is a children's store called "Little Roos" in Chaska that sells some handmade clothing and accessories and some "green" toys.  They promoted the event that they were planning to have over a few weeks on social media and on their website.  Some of the videos that they uploaded on Tik Tok of their "haters" went viral.  They kept recording these people who would express their outrage over the upcoming event, bringing more and more attention to it.  After the videos went viral, more supporters expressed their opinions and support for the event.

This event - which happened this past Saturday (July 8th), seemed to go off with more supporters than protesters.

The event was called "Drag Story Time with Miz Diagnosis".

Little Roos Facebook
Little Roos Faceboo

This picture was taken the day of the event with "Miz Diagnosis", who's real name is Dobbs DeCorsey.

Little Roos Facebook
Little Roos Facebook

According to Bring Me the News, after there were a few tik tok videos showing people in the store expressing their outrage at the planned event, the supporters turned out on the day of the event in droves.

The neofascist Proud Boys group showed up to protest a much-publicized drag queen event at a Chaska children's store on Saturday — but so did the store's supporters, who outnumbered the protesters by a wide margin.


@littleroosmn We are a childrens boutique in Chaska Minnesota who hosts weekly story readings. Our series runs June-august. Some locals are having a very hard time with one story reading we have that is presented by a Chaska native who will be reading and drag. Our company hosts many free events and sponsors many local childrens events. #chaskamn #littleroosmn #lgbtqia #bigots #childrensboutique #smallbusinesscheck #smallbusinessowner #ally ♬ original sound - Little Roos MN

The store was very open about the compaints that they received online as well as posting some of the videos of people complaining in the store.

If you are interested, this is how the event went on Saturday.

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