Minnesota is no stranger to national recognition. From having four cities listed as the best places to live in the country to boasting some of the best pizza shops in the U.S., we've made our mark.

But we're not just stopping at national acclaim—we've gone global!

Minnesota is home to six breweries serving some of the finest beers in the world, and a local bar was recently named one of the best on the planet.

Now, a renowned city in the North Star State has not only been crowned the happiest in the nation but also ranks among the top 20 happiest cities worldwide!

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The Institute For Quality of Life has released its happy city rankings for 2024 based on 5 key categories they believe directly impact a person's happiness. They are:

CITIZENS: A happy city thrives on residents' active participation, economic growth, and spaces that meet their educational, social, cultural, and technological needs.

GOVERNANCE: Involving residents in decision-making is crucial for a city's development and happiness.

ENVIRONMENT: Effective environmental management in cities.

ECONOMY: Productivity, innovation, and creativity in business, entrepreneurship, technology use, and global competitiveness, all contributing to the development and happiness of city residents.

MOBILITY: Intelligent public transportation and innovative technologies to enhance traffic efficiency, safety, and accessibility, ultimately improving residents' quality of life.

"Importantly, we do not analyze the happiness of an imaginary individual in every location in the world, but people actually living in these cities," the Institute says.

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Minneapolis Named Happiest City in U.S. and Top 20 Worldwide

Minneapolis happiest city
Minneapolis, MN (Canva)

The City of Lakes, The Mini Apple... whatever you call it, the one and only Minneapolis has been named the #1 happiest city in all of the U.S. AND ranks 18th happiest in the entire world.

Minneapolis is one of 37 cities worldwide to receive "Gold" status on the rankings and is the only U.S. city to do so.

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The city earned some of the highest scores in the 'citizens,' 'economy,' and 'mobility' categories, but ranked lower in the 'environment' category.

Say what you will about the city, but with its status as a cultural hub, over 180 parks, 22 lakes, top-ranked schools, and a strong economy, Minneapolis offers a compelling mix of features that can contribute to a happier life.

So here's to you, Minneapolis! Keep spreading those good vibes and making Minnesota a happier place for everyone. Cheers! 🍻

Here are the other U.S. cities that made the list of the happiest in the world... we see you Madison, Wisconsin! 😊

8. Boston, MA
57. Baltimore, MD
85. Washington, DC
114. San Francisco, CA
145. Salt Lake City, UT
167. Madison, WI
190. Pittsburgh, PA
214. Rochester, NY
237. Portland, OR

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