It's been a while since the Land of 10,000 Lakes has been the setting for a network TV show, but a new series based in Minnesota is heading to your screen this fall.

Over the years, the North Star State has had its share of famous moments, courtesy of TV and movies, right? I mean, the classic movie filmed here in Minnesota, Grumpy Old Men, just celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023. As another 90s classic, The Mighty Ducks.

Meanwhile, several classic sitcom characters have been natives of the Bold North as well. In the 80's, the character Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls was from the fictional St. Olaf, Minnesota.

Do you remember Brandon and Brenda Walsh from the 90's classic, Beverly Hills, 90210? The pilot noted how the whole series started when characters Jim and Cindy Walsh moved their family from Minnesota out to California.

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Minnesota characters were also front and center in TV shows more recently too. If you watched the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, which ran from 2005 to 2014, you already know that the character of Marshal Ericksen was a proud native of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Explore Minnesota says six other classic shows didn't just have characters from the North Star State, but were set right here in Minnesota:

  • The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show - The cartoon series was set in fictional 'Frostbite Falls, MN'
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The 70s sitcom was set at a Minneapolis TV station
  • Little House on the Prairie - The 70's drama was set near Walnut Grove, MN
  • Coach - The 90's sitcom was set at the fictional 'Minnesota State' near Mankato
  • The Bachelorette - Minneapolis boasts more "Bachelorette" contestants than any other destination. 
  • Fargo - Season 5 of the FX TV version of the Cohen Brothers movie was set in Scandia, MN.

And now a new TV series set to debut this fall is going to be set in Minnesota, as well. According to this Fox TV news release, the new medical drama series, Doc, will be based on the adventures of Dr. Amy Elias, Chief of Internal and Family Medicine at the completely fictional 'Westside Hospital' in Minneapolis.

2024 Fox Upfront
Molly Parker, who plays Dr. Amy Elias in the new Fox drama 'Doc' which is set in Minnesota. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
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Fox says the show, which stars Molly Parker as Dr. Elias, is based on an Italian show, and will debut this fall. Here's how Fox describes the show's plot:

After a brain injury erases the last eight years of her life, Dr. Elias must navigate an unfamiliar world where she has no recollection of patients she’s treated, colleagues she’s crossed, the man she loves, or the tragedy that caused her to push everyone away.

While the show *won't* actually be filmed in Minneapolis (this Deadline story says production is already underway in Toronto), there probably *will* be some establishing shots of Minnesota to set the scene, as well as what I'm guessing will be other cultural references to our lifestyle here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

While Fox says the show has been picked up for the 2023-2024, it'll now be a part of their primetime line-up this fall. No word yet, though, on just when the new show is set to air.

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