Sure, English is our official language here in the North Star State, but if you're *really* going to speak Minnesotan, you'll likely say one of these words or phrases.

Residing here among the 10,000 Lakes that make up our state means, like many parts of the country, that we have our own unique dialect and phrases of speech that really only make sense if you've spent some time in the Bold North.

Now some movies and TV shows have gone WAAY overboard overdoing the stereotypical Minnesota accent (looking at you, Season 5 of FX's Fargo), our unique language and the way we turn a phrase, so to speak, can likely be traced to the first immigrants who settled in Minnesota.

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This story on the history of Minnesota's linguistics noted that German and Irish settlers led the first immigrants, and were soon followed by immigrants from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. All of them brought their own unique languages, cultures, and food which likely had a distinct influence on some of the phrases we still use today.

Early Minnesotans on traveling ...probably. (Canva)
Early Minnesotans on traveling ...probably. (Canva)

Some of these Minnesota-isms seem to make sense, while others-- if you said incorrectly, or used them in the wrong way-- would totally stick out like a sore thumb and would scream to the world, "I'm not from Minnesota!"

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So, how many of the following phrases have YOU said? Keep scrolling to find out. And, to PROVE you're a Minnesota native, keep scrolling to check out 15 Minnesota towns that are tough to pronounce (for someone NOT from here, of course...)

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