Minnesota is so much more than 10,000+ lakes. There is endless beauty here just waiting to be explored. Minnesota offers a plethora of amazing adventures for people of all ages. Bike, hike, swim, discover all that Minnesota has to offer.

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I learned today that I may just be the worst Minnesotan ever. I've lived here my whole life, only venturing to Iowa for about a year before coming right back, and I've only done ONE thing on this entire list - oofta. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that.

Campsite by lake
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It's not like I haven't taken in a lot of what Minnesota has to offer. I've been to dang near every corner of the state, I've slept under the stars, swam in many lakes, hiked through several forests, shopped at local boutiques, and drank my share of Minnesota made drinks.

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I'm starting my new Minnesota bucket list right now and I fully intend on crushing it this year. Here are the 12 adventures you need to do before you die according to Only in Your State!

12 Minnesota Adventures You Need to do Before You Die

How many of these epic Minnesota adventures have you been on?

Gallery Credit: Samm Adams

Credit: Only in Your State.

I think the list is pretty close to perfect, but I'm going to add to it, because one thing I've always wanted to see is the Northern lights.


Tell me it wouldn't be breathtaking to see that view - gah!

So, how'd you do? Have you done more than me or did I just fill your year with fun things to do?

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