You probably have some special events lined up for Memorial Day weekend, but try to find time to take your kids to the carnival. There's nothing quite like it and you'll be able to create awesome memories with your family.

The rides, music, bright lights, and the smells of sweet treats create an environment that is fun for all ages. The tents are up and the carnival will be open in Rochester through Memorial Day.

Enjoy Delicious Carnival Food in Rochester

When I think of carnival food, cotton candy comes to mind first. It's actually the third most popular carnival food, according to a Straw Poll survey. Funnel cakes ranked first, and corn dogs came in second.

I'll probably grab one of each when I take my kids.


While it's not clear what foods will be available at the Rochester event, Gopher State Expo usually features popular carnival foods like flavored cheese curds, French fries, lemonade, mini donuts, funnel cakes, ice cream, fried Oreos, pizza, corndogs, and gyros.

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Kid-Friendly and Thrilling Rides This Weekend


Gopher State Expo's carnival events have rides for all ages, including inflatables for the little ones, merry-go-rounds for families, and intense rides like the Zipper for thrill seekers.

Carnival Comes to Rochester

You can take your family to enjoy the rides, try your luck at the game booths, and share some cotton candy while creating memories together. The carnival has rolled into Rochester and will be open in the Apache Mall parking lot from May 23rd to May 27th.

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