Sometimes, when people bring donations to a thrift store, they just toss random stuff in a pile and hand it over. But how a live hand grenade ended up with donations at a Wisconsin Goodwill, I'm not sure.

Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota Facebook Page
Goodwill-Easter Seals Minnesota Facebook Page

Was the person trying to get rid of it so they didn't have to deal with it? Did it accidentally end up in with other donations the person was bringing in? I'm not sure!

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World War II Grenade Found Among Wisconsin Goodwill Donations

This wasn't just any ole grenade that was found, it was from the World War II era. Because it's a piece of history it makes me wonder if it ended up at Goodwill on accident.

Regardless of how it ended up there, the Ashland, WI Goodwill called the police when they found the grenade, and the store was evacuated for safety purposes.

Sven Verweij, Unsplash
Sven Verweij, Unsplash

(Disclaimer: Above is not a photo of the grenade found at the Ashland Goodwill.)

WEAU reports that the grenade was put safely outside until officials could arrive to dispose of it. Then, "the Ashland Police Department and the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department and Bomb Squad detonated and disposed of the grenade in a safe location."

It doesn't appear to have been donated maliciously so the thought is that the person accidentally donated it along with a bunch of other items.

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