According to USA Today, Kwik Trip is ranked as the number one gas station in America. Their excellent customer service has built a strong base of loyal customers.

They have a Facebook fan club with thousands of followers and sell all sorts of apparel like banana boxers, a KT Hockey hoodie, and a retro glazers sweatshirt. And guess what? They've just introduced another item that die-hard fans will want to grab for their collection this week.

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Kwik Trip has more than 900 stores in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and South Dakota. The company has launched two new products this week - one you can eat and one you can wear.

Kwik Trip Launches Two New Products This Week


After building up anticipation for weeks, Kwik Trip finally introduced a new product on Monday. The company, headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin, revealed a new type of potato chip flavored like one of their popular donuts - Blueberry Dunker flavored potato chips.

While the Blueberry Dunker donut is a hit among customers, the online response to the chip flavor was mixed. Some felt disappointed after the hype, some found the idea of the flavor unappealing, and others, like myself, are excited to give them a try.

Kwik Trip Targets Sneakerheads With New Product

Kwik Trip sells a bunch of merchandise including hoodies, crewnecks, and t-shirts but money can't buy their latest product. Find out how to get it below.

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Kwik Trip is giving away custom KT Sneakers through their Kwik Rewards program and they are incredible.

This contest goes through June 30th and is open to everyone 18+ in  MN, WI, IA, IL, SD & MI. Learn more and enter to win here.

Responses Heard To 'See You Next Time' In Minnesota & Wisconsin Kwik Trip Stores

How do you respond to the Kwik Trip trademark phrase "see you next time"? These are some responses heard in stores across Minnesota and Wisconsin. The last one is probably one of my favorites!

Gallery Credit: Nick Cooper