If you ever get the chance to see a U.S. President give a speech, it's worth going. Regardless of your political beliefs, it's an interesting experience. The speeches are usually well-rehearsed and repeat the talking points you've heard a million times, but being there in person adds something special.

At these events, you'll see lots of action, like the Secret Service keeping watch, a giant crowd of reporters, and passionate supporters. I've had the opportunity to cover campaign events for both President Obama and President Trump when they visited Minnesota, both were extremely fascinating. Trump will visit the state on Friday, but it will be difficult for most people to see him.

Former President Trump believes he has a chance to win Minnesota in the upcoming November election, so don't be surprised if he visits the state multiple times to campaign.

Donald Trump Will Be In Minnesota on Friday

This Friday, he's set to speak at a Republican fundraising event in St. Paul, and tickets are available.

President Trump Holds "Merry Christmas" Campaign Rally In Michigan
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This event isn't a typical campaign rally. It's an exclusive dinner aimed at raising a significant amount of money for the Minnesota Republican Party.

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The dinner is scheduled for Friday, May 17, in St. Paul. Tickets range from $500 for a standard dinner pass to $100,000 for a VIP package. If you opt for the $100,000 package, you'll also get the opportunity to take a photo with the former president and expected GOP presidential nominee.

Minnesota GOP Chairman David Hann and Tom Emmer, who represents Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, will host the fundraising event.


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