The courage that police officers show in the face of constant danger is something I really admire. Every day, they're dealing with situations most of us can't even imagine, like diffusing tense conflicts, catching dangerous criminals, and keeping neighborhoods around Minnesota safe.

That bravery and commitment was on full display on Wednesday afternoon as officers pursued a carjacking suspect through several Minnesota cities. The suspect rammed squad cars trying to get away but was captured when the stolen vehicle crashed.

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Minneapolis police found themselves embroiled in a high-speed pursuit on Wednesday afternoon, chasing down a vehicle recently stolen at gunpoint.

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The tension of the pursuit escalated as the suspect traveled through multiple cities showing no signs of yielding and even ramming police squad cars trying to escape capture.

The chase came to an abrupt halt in Plymouth, when the stolen vehicle lost control and crashed on Medicine Lake Road, just west of Highway 169. Law enforcement swiftly moved in and apprehended the driver and EMTs were called to tend the driver's injuries - the extent of which are still unknown.

Caught On Camera: Minnesota Police Chase Carjacking Suspect

The scary footage below shows the conclusion of the chase and serves as a stark reminder of the dangers inherent in law enforcement.

Police DUI Nigh Time Checkpoint. Police Cruiser Lights Closeup Photo.

The footage below was posted to the MN CRIME - Police/Fire/EMS X (Twitter) account with a description of the event:

Earlier this afternoon, Minneapolis PD was in pursuit of a vehicle that had just been carjacked. The pursuit continued through several cities, with the suspect ramming squads at one point and eventually crashing in Plymouth on Medicine Lake Road just west of Highway 169. The driver was taken into custody and EMS was started for unknown injuries.

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Gallery Credit: Lauren Wells