WATSON (WJON News) -- A 41-year-old man is in custody after he allegedly made a threat to shoot multiple people on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

Joseph Rongstad surrendered to Chippewa County law enforcement after a standoff at a home in Watson Thursday.

A SWAT team in an armored vehicle used a ram to pop out windows and break down a door of the home in Watson before Rongstad surrendered.

Rongstad is accused of making threats on social media Wednesday night into Thursday morning to shoot students on the U of M campus, saying "kids will die for real."

Jake Fiscus, has been 41-year-old Joseph Rongstad's neighbor for two years:

From the time that I've known him, he's been nothing but nice. He's come over and helped clear the snow out of my driveway a few times when it was getting built up.

That being said Fiscus adds:

I do think that he should essentially have to answer to his crimes today (Thurs) but at the same time the most important thing is he needs help and everything -- I think there is going to be a fine line between finding both

Among the reasons authorities had to take the threats so seriously is that police have had many run-ins with Rongstad before.

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Charges are pending but he's being held for probable cause of making violent threats.