Stearns County Facility dog, Nova has been named the "Hero Dog of the Year" by the Minnesota Veterinarian Association.  Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall indicated every year they have an award ceremony and gather to discuss how animals can help us out as humans.  She says multiple counties have come to observe Nova and see what she does here.  Kendall says other counties in Minnesota with dogs include Anoka and Ramsey.

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Kendall says Nova sits with witnesses and victims to help them cope with difficult testimony either in court or while questioning.  She says sometimes it's easier for people dealing with these difficult situations to talk these experiences with the support of a dog by their side.

Today is the first day of the Minnesota legislative session.  Kendall feels there is bi-partisan support to adjust the school resource officer law to fix some of the concerns she has with what school resource officers can do to help preserve safety in schools.  She says the law currently states that officers assigned to a school can only do what employees of the school can do.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Janelle Kendall it is available below.



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