ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A St. Cloud man is charged with three felonies after another man said he held a gun to his head during a break-in of his apartment.

St. Cloud Police were called Friday to the 300 block of 7th Avenue South on a gun complaint. The victim told officers that his neighbor had come into his apartment and put a gun to his head.

The incident started when the victim said he was talking to an elderly woman when her son got mad and confronted him. The man, 22-year-old Ha'Kiam Silas-Weems is accused of pulling a gun from his waistband but didn't point it at the victim at that time.

Court records show Silas-Weems then entered the victim's apartment by pushing open the door, pulling the gun out, pointing it at the victim, and saying he was going to kill him.

When officers found Silas-Weems, they said he had a BB gun pistol on him that was a replica of a Glock handgun.

According to the complaint, Silas-Weems allegedly admitted to holding the gun when confronting the victim.

Silas-Weems is charged with two counts of 1st-degree burglary and threats of violence to cause terror.




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