UNDATED (WJON News) -- Despite the record-breaking warm winter, Minnesota's moose population remains relatively stable.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, 1854 Treaty Authority, and the Fond du Lac Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa conduct an aerial survey of moose in northeastern Minnesota every January.

DNR wildlife research manager Seth Goreham says the survey showed slightly fewer moose than average...

What we found this year was a point estimate of 3,470 moose, which since about 2013 we've been fluctuating around that, 3,700 animals. So, it's pretty standard for us. We had a sharp decline in the mid-2000s, but for about the last decade, we've been either just above or just below that 3,700 mark for moose.

Biologists also record the types of forest habitats moose use and watch how moose use the forest after wildlife or timber management activity.





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