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Preston, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Winona man has been sentenced to five years on probation for attempting to steal money from a bank account held by a group organizing a post prom party for students in a southeastern Minnesota school district.

27-year-old Devorise Lamonta Jackson recently entered into a plea agreement and admitted to felony counts of check forgery and attempted theft by swindle in Fillmore County Court. As part of the plea deal, two additional check forgery charges and two counts of theft by check were dismissed.


According to the criminal complaint, Jackson allegedly tried to cash a check written out on the account of the Fillmore Central Post Prom bank account last May. The check was originally written out to a business in Winona for the rental of a photo booth at a cost of $322. The charges alleged the check had been modified to change the amount of money to $822.

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The teller at the First Southeast Bank in Canton became suspicious after noticing the alterations made to the amount of money and the smudged signature on the check. The complaint says after the bank employees refused to cash the check, Jackson left without incident.

His criminal record includes a conviction for financial transaction card fraud in Winona County in November 2021.

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