Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- The Olmsted County Board of Commissioners has approved a local ordinance regarding cannabis use. 

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The new ordinance comes after recreational cannabis use was made legal in Minnesota during the 2023 legislative session.

A press release issued by Olmsted County leaders says the new ordinance is similar to rules adopted by other communities in the state. 

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On Tuesday the board approved a ban on the smoking and vaping of cannabis in public places. The use ban is in effect for indoor areas used by the general public or serving as a place of work, including: 

  •   Arenas. 
  •   Auditoriums. 
  •   Bowling alleys. 
  •   Commercial establishments. 
  •   Restaurants. 
  •   Establishments licensed to sell alcoholic beverages 

The ordinance also prohibits cannabis use at publicly owned property and outdoor spaces such as public recreation centers, public parks, hospitals, offices, taxis, limousines, and educational institutions. The new ban does not prohibit Cannabis use at private residences or inaccessible private properties. 

“Olmsted County aims to protect the public health and safety of people who don’t wish to use cannabis products or be exposed to them, including our youth,” said Olmsted County Board of Commissioners Chair Gregg Wright. “This ordinance demonstrates our dedication to creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone."


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