Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)-A Minnesota man has been sentenced after admitting to using a hidden camera to spy on a young girl at her home in Eyota. 

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42-year-old Justin William White was charged last September with a felony count of interfering with privacy of a minor and misdemeanor count of interfering with privacy of a home. He entered a plea agreement in November in which he admitted to the gross misdemeanor privacy interference account in exchange for the dismissal of the felony charge. 

White was sentenced Tuesday in Olmsted County Court to three years probation, ordered to pay a $900 fine and prohibited from having contact with the young girl and her mother. The girl he’s accused of spying on is under the age of 15. 

photo courtesy Kraus-Anderson
Olmsted County Courtroom. photo courtesy Kraus-Anderson

The charges say the young girl found a camera hidden on a bookshelf in her bedroom in May of 2022. 

Video camera lens

An Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office investigator reviewed the footage captured by the camera and found footage of White setting it up in the young girl’s bedroom and manipulating it to face the shower in the home’s bathroom where it captured a video of the girl undressing, the complaint says.

White admitted to placing the small camera in the minor’s bedroom and in the home’s bathroom while he was temporarily living at the house.

White Complaint. Olmsted County Court
White Complaint. Olmsted County Court

He told law enforcement he had approximately 15 videos captured by the camera and said he would set up the camera then retrieve it. 

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