Rosemount, MN (KROC-AM News) - The parent company of Facebook today officially announced it is ready to begin constructing a huge data center in Minnesota.

A news release issued by Meta says the 715,000 square foot campus in Rosemount will be its 19th data center in the US and the 23rd worldwide. The estimated price tag of the project is more than $800 million.

The Rosemount City Council gave its final approval to the final site plan for the project in late December. The project also required the approval of several state agencies.

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Governor Tim Walz celebrated today's announcement and touted the estimated 1000 jobs that are expected to be created by the construction project along with the 100 permanent positions need to operate the facility.

“Minnesota is excited to welcome Meta to Rosemount – a win for our state that will bring dozens of jobs and invigorate the local economy,” says Governor Walz. “Today’s announcement is a testament to our commitment to making Minnesota a top state for business, innovation, and investment in our workforce.”

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Meta says the "Rosemount Data Center will optimize our AI workloads and will help people connect, find communities and grow their businesses." The news release also says the facility will be supported by 100% renewable energy and will achieve LEED Gold Certification.

The new facility is expected to become operational in 2026.

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