The City of Superior is rebuilding a popular city recreation area, and is looking for some feedback before moving forward.

The city wants to use $300,000 of some federal funding they have available to raze the Heritage Park Skatepark and build a brand-new cast-in-place concrete skatepark designed and built by Grindline Skateparks.

Before the design and construction begins, the city is doing a couple of things, there will be a public meeting about the new skatepark on Wednesday, May 22nd at the Superior Middle School starting at 5 PM. They are also inviting the public to share some input on some features and amenities that should be considered in the design.

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The very thorough survey dives into lots of different options that could be included in the new skatepark, including the balance between skatepark features and amenities in the park, amenities include things like seating, shade, lighting, water fountain, and restrooms.

As far as the skatepark features, the survey goes into great detail with photos and descriptions of street features like a step-ups, ledges, and rails, and of transition features like ramps, banks, walls and bowls.

skateboarding legs on skatepark ramp

They also ask for some suggestions on how to make the skatepark unique to Superior by incorporating historical, cultural, geographical, or other thematic elements into the design of the skatepark. The survey will be open for input until June 3rd.

Grindline Skateparks is one of the premier designers and builders in the world, with over 400 parks worldwide, and once held the world record for the largest park in America.

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