It still looks like winter in Duluth as the Indiana Harbor departed Duluth's canal moving through chunks of ice.

There's always something magical about watching a ship either enter or depart Duluth's Harbor. It gets even better when mother nature gets herself involved.

Just last week, there was still a bunch of ice and snow along the shoreline of Lake Superior and on the harbor:

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The weather has calmed down a bit as we move into warmer teams. However, some ice chunks still exist.

Earlier this year we saw a surprise ship to be the first one to enter the harbor in 2023. Paul Scinocca (who literally has the best ship knowledge in the area) said the Arthur M. Anderson was originally scheduled for Two Harbors, before making a route change to Duluth.

About a week after we saw the MV Saginaw enter the harbor with a "Jurassic" guest on board.  Someone decided to dress up in a T-Rex costume and I was living for it. If I sailed on a ship, I would definitely have some fun with the on-lookers as they did.

According to Marine Traffic, the ship was named in honor of the Great Lakes port of Indiana Harbor in Indiana. The ship began service in 1979 and is primarily used for long-haul transport of iron ore pellets and western coal on the Great Lakes.

She is currently on her way to Two Harbors to load ore. Check out the beautiful ship departing the harbor here.

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