The City of Superior is considering what to do with some remaining federal funds that it needs to spend by the end of 2024 or risk losing, here are some ideas the Mayor and City Council are considering.

Where is The Money Coming From?

The money is coming from The Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds and the American Rescue Plan Act, there are several restrictions on how and when the funds can be spent, so Superior is figuring out their plan of action to make the most of these available funds.

Superior Mayor Jim Paine said in a press release, "I met with most councilors to determine your requests for one-time expenditures. I found that many of your goals overlapped with mine and with each other."

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Superior, WI city limits road sign with population
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The Basics

There are three versions of the budget floating around. The first shows what's already been spent or likely will be by year's end. The second is a new proposal with some stuff added in, alongside some projects already underway. Finally, version three is all about where there'll be leftover cash and what to do with it, and that is what the Mayor and Council are trying to figure out.

What Do They Want to Spend The Moeny On?

Here are some highlights of the new spending that's been proposed:

  • $300,000 to the Woodstock Bay project recommended by Councilor Johnson
  • $600,000 to the Public Works and Parks equipment and vehicle fund requested by Councilors Ledin, Ludwig, and Van Sickle.
  • $300,000 to rebuild the Heritage Park Skate Park requested by Councilors Ludwig and Ledin
  • $100,000 for aesthetics improvements or public structures in Downtown requested by Councilors Moffat and Graskey
  • $250,000 to the Fire Station 3 project recommended by Councilors Ledin and Fennessey
  • $300,000 in Public Art requested by Councilor Graskey
  • $1,000,000 in street projects and repairs recommended by Councilor Ledin
  • $373,776 retained for non-profit grants recommended by Councilors Herrick and Sweeney

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