A popular Minnesotan Comedian was removed from stage after erratic behavior forced event organizers to cut his mic and turn off the stage lights.

The show was at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek, CO when headliner Nick Swardson, who was born in Minneapolis and is best known for his role on Reno 911, was bombing so bad that one audience member can be heard saying the show was, "so bad, it’s historical," another can be heard yelling "you suck."

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The crowd began booing loudly and leaving the show when the spotlight went dark and his microphone was cut, Swardson can be seen on stage trying to get the mic to work, not realizing that it had been turned down, eventually someone comes out on stage to let him know that his set was over.

Moments after Swardson was half booed, half appalled off-stage, the Director of Operations at the Vilar Performing Arts Center came out and told the crowd, "We've decided to conclude the show early in the best interest of everyone who bought tickets."

The performing arts center says that all tickets will be refunded and apologized by saying, "Unfortunately, this show did not meet the Vilar Performing Arts Center's standards as a world-class presenter of the performing arts."

Swardson also apologized on X saying, "Just casually woke up on TMZ. Travel tip: don’t drink and take edibles in high altitude. Fucking brain diarrhea. I’ll make it up to you Beaver Creek!"

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