This is some sweet news!

In August of this year, we learned the owners of Chilly Billy's Frozen Yogurt planned to retire, meaning the popular frozen treat company would face being closed.

In this news, the phased plan to close the two Twin Ports area locations would see the Bluestone location shut down in October and the Miller Hill Mall location in March of 2024.

As the reality of this delicious destination closing set in and the clock continued to tick toward their announced closure, we got news of something big coming for Chilly Billy's. In a Facebook post shared on Monday of this week, the management teased some big news.

Following this tease, a number of people started hoping and guessing in the comments of the post that they would stay open - possibly under new ownership. As it turns out, that looks to be the case!

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In a story shared by our news partners at WDIO, the founders/owners of Chilly Billy's announced that new owners would keep the business going, though things may look a little different in the future.

Who bought Chilly Billy's?

According to WDIO, Adam Daoust and Andrew Weisz will take over as new owners of Chilly Billy's. Daoust and Weisz are both businesspeople from the Duluth area who tell WDIO they plan to preserve the charm and elements that made the local shops a success while considering adding some new offerings into the future.

Will the stores stay in the same location?

Both the Bluestone and Miller Hill Mall locations will now stay open through at least February of 2024. Due to what they describe as lease changes at the Bluestone location, the new ownership says they will look the Bluestone store to a new, undisclosed location in the spring of 2024.

What other changes could be on the way?

Aside from a move of the Bluestone store to a new location next spring, the owners hope to expand the brand to additional new locations. They also say they will look to add new flavors, toppings, and other offerings down the road.

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