Right in the middle of Northern Minnesota is one of Minnesota's most interesting and unique lakes, developing a bit of a legend about its waters.

Deer Lake, located between Grand Rapids and Deer River just north of Highway 2 is a rare find of a lake that presents some incredible reasons to visit.

The lake, as described in greater detail here, is known for incredibly clear water, ranking among the clearest in all of Minnesota. Additionally, the makeup of the water creates vibrant, almost Caribbean-like water color at times, providing stunning visuals. Due to this lake's makeup and properties, it has gained the nickname "Lake of Changing Colors".

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Along with being a visually stunning lake, it also presents some incredible, but challenging fishing opportunities. The generally deep lake offers a lot of structure for quality walleye and muskie fishing, though you'll need to be on the lookout for sporadic rocks and reefs that could damage a boat and the clear water makes daytime fishing more challenging.

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Whether your aim is to fish, relax by the Caribbean-like water, or just get away from it all, this stunning vacation rental on the south side of Deer Lake will knock your socks off.

With 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 7 beds, and room to sleep 10 people, this luxurious lake getaway provides a spectacular way to explore one of Minnesota's most unique lakes.

Stunning Minnesota Lake Vacation Rental Sits On The Shore Of The 'Lake Of Changing Colors'

This luxurious vacation rental listed on AirBNB isn't just any lake getaway. It rests on the shore of one of Minnesota's clearest and most unique lakes, providing great fishing and stunning Caribbean-like teal water that changes color - earning this lake the nickname "Lake of Changing Colors".

Located between Grand Rapids and Deer River in Northern Minnesota, this is a one-of-a-kind getaway.