We all know groceries are expensive these days! Most people are looking for some sort of way to save money during these times and sometimes that means going to grocery stores that offer discounts or that carry less expensive goods.

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Delish came out with a list of the most overpriced grocery stores in the country and they probably won't surprise you too much! We even have one of them right here in Minnesota. These grocery stores do offer some special incentives and products you can't find at just any grocery store.

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While I can truly say I haven't heard of most of these on the list, I have heard of the one that is located right here in Minnesota! Whole Foods Market has been named one of the most 'overpriced' grocery stores in the country.

Whole Foods To Change Its Board Chairman And Half Its Board Members
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If you aren't familiar with Whole Foods Market, that's probably because there isn't one here in the Twin Ports. However, there are several locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin. The grocery store is sometimes referred to as 'Whole Paycheck' because of how expensive things are!

According to Delish, there have been a ton of scandals with the store over the years due in part to their high cost of groceries. One of those scandals? They tried to sell asparagus water, which truly just sounds gross. Ha!

Nonetheless, they've had some bad press over the years. When you pair that with inflation and many people trying to make ends meet, it seems like there may be some better options right now when it comes to grocery shopping.

The Minnesota locations for Whole Foods Market can be found in Edina, Minneapolis and Maple Grove. There are also a few in Wisconsin, including in Madison and Milwaukee.

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Other grocery stores on the list include Acme Markets, The Fresh Market and Harry Teeter. The only other spot I have heard of is Erewhon Market, which is located in California. I always read about their expensive smoothies. I have to say, they do look good!

Whole Foods To Change Its Board Chairman And Half Its Board Members
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

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