Are you feeling the pressure? According to a new study, Minnesota is one of the most stressed out states this holiday season. For one reason or another, we are just not feeling the holiday spirit.

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This study was done by, and ranked the states from the most stressed out this holiday season to the least stressed out. Minnesota came in at number seven, meaning we really need to find our zen between now and Christmas.

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There are many reasons to get stressed out during the holiday season, from having to fork out a lot of money on gifts, cook for an entire family, clean your house for guests and the like. This study looked at all of these factors and more.

How Did They Get The Results Of The Study?

To get the results of the study, they looked at Americans in each state to see where they landed with all of these factors. They also asked if they dread seeing any family members, if they feel judged or stressed based on certain holiday activities.

From there, they asked the respondents to rate their stress on a scale of zero to ten, and then asked them to do the same ranking their holiday stress. From there, they took the difference and adjusted the scale to 100.

Where Did Wisconsin Rank?

All of that math aside, it looks like Minnesotans really need to chill out this holiday season. It is supposed to be fun after all! As for Wisconsin, things are going great: they are one of the least stressed states, coming in at number 31 out of 40.

As for the rest of the country, it looks like the most stressed out spots are Utah, Missouri and Ohio, which seems very random! The least stressed? That would be South Carolina, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

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Not every state is represented here so maybe Minnesota isn't one of the most stressed in the grand scheme of things. Either way, let's all drink some hot chocolate and open a present under the tree. It is just one day of the year, after all.