Duluth has been identified as a climate-safe haven. Already people are moving to the region from places affected by wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, and other climate-related issues. There's a learning curve to living next to the world's largest source of freshwater.

I put together a list of several things you should learn about living near Lake Superior. If you're a local and have one that I've missed, please let me know! I'll add it to the list.

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It's meant to be tongue-and-cheek but there are some actual serious things I'll include in it as well. Without further ado, here are the things newbies should know about living next to Lake Superior.

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Things You Should Learn When You Move Near Lake Superior

It's a big, beautiful body of water. There is definitely a learning curve when you move to the largest freshwater lake in the world. Here are some things locals know that newbies should learn.

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