The Lake Superior Zoo is expecting a pretty awesome addition next year! Come 2024, the Lake Superior Zoo will be home to a brand new caribou exhibit. They shared the exciting news on social media Thursday (November 16th).

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Along with their exciting announcement, zoo officials also shared that they could use a little help making this exhibit a reality. They shared a donation link with a goal of raising $20,000 through the end of the year to help fund this exhibit, among other things.

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This caribou exhibit would benefit from them hitting their goal, and it would also be historic in a way for the Northland! According to the information shared by the zoo, caribou are no longer found in Minnesota because of habitat changes.

This means that many people would be seeing a caribou for the first time through this exhibit at the Lake Superior Zoo, which makes it all the more special. As of now, they did not give an exact opening date.

I think a caribou exhibit would fit in so well at the Lake Superior Zoo. I can't wait to see this cute creature when the exhibit opens, hopefully sometime in 2024. In the meantime, the zoo has a ton of other cute and amazing animals for you to see.

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The Lake Superior Zoo is located at 7210 Fremont Avenue in Duluth. You just can't help but be happy when you're there with all the cute animals around!

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