Here's something you don't see everyday: a goat on the loose in Minnesota! This was a reality in Rochester, Minnesota over the weekend. The way that law enforcement tracked the animal down is even better.

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The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office shared details and video of the 'incident' on Sunday (November 17th), stating that one of their deputies assisted the city and the Rochester Police Department once they got word that the animal was on the loose.

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For the record, this all happened around 11 a.m. that day. That particular deputy may have had some practice in this arena before, because he stopped and grabbed a rope on his way to try and safely capture the animal.

From there, he was able to locate the goat and lasso it so that it would stop running away. The entire thing was caught on camera if you need a good laugh. This naughty goat has been reunited with its owner.

Of course, the whole thing is set to some rodeo, boot-stomping music because why not? You can even catch a glimpse of the goat looking pretty darn guilty at the end. It's a good thing this goat is cute!
A local commented on the video, adding some insight into just how this rambunctious goat got away. According to this post, the goat was from a goat rental company and got away from some employees who were loading them.

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The same person also praised the deputy for his quick thinking, and said that 'lassoing should be standard training' with this particular deputy teaching the class. Now, this is what we call Minnesota nice.

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