This should come as no surprise to you but there is yet another scam you need to be aware of, which is a big bummer considering it is the holiday season! You'd think scammers would give us a little bit of a break from these things, no?

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This one was reported by the Thiensville Police Department on Facebook recently, warning locals that there was another scam to be aware of. While this one directly impacts locals in that particular area, this could happen anywhere.

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According to the police department, a scammer is texting locals pretending be a well-known detective in the area. The scammer tells them they have a warrant for their arrest. While a text message is an odd way to get ahold of someone when you are trying to locate and arrest them, the police department says it is believable because they are posing as a real Lieutenant that works there.

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While it isn't clear what happens next, it is probably a fair guess to assume it has something to do with getting money. Often in scams like these, scammers will tell the person on the other end of the line to wire them money in a number of ways.

Using a scary ruse like this also adds to the pressure, making the person who gets the text act quickly without thinking about what they are doing. They are more inclined to fork over some money if they are in a panic and don't have time to think.

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If you get a text like this, know it is a scam. Obviously, a member of law enforcement will not be texting you if they are trying to arrest you. However, it is still a good idea to report it if this happens in your area.

Thiensville is in Wisconsin, which means this could happen in other parts of the state or even right here in Minnesota. While it is a hefty drive from the Twin Ports, a scammer can con someone from anywhere so stay vigilant out there.

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