Sure, Bentleyville is half a year away but it is one of the biggest events in Minnesota so it's never too early to start getting excited! In fact, organizers are giving us a little sneak peak at yet another reason to get excited right this minute.

What Is That?

Bentleyville organizers have been sharing some cryptic things on social media this month, recently sharing two photos of a new addition to the attraction this year!

It looks like a small new building, complete with windows. Work is still underway but this gives us a little insight into what the space will look like when it is all said and done.

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What could it be? There have been some pretty good guesses so far but according to organizers, not one person has hit the nail on the had just yet.

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Here are some of the guesses from the comments section that sadly, are not coming true this year:

  • A walking taco stand
  • A gingerbread house
  • A music stage
  • A sleigh
  • A reindeer barn
  • A toy making station
  • A cookie stand

Considering the fact that Bentleyville doesn't kick off until the end of the year, we have a long time to go until we see this building in person. Maybe we will find out what this new addition is before then!

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My guess is that it is a new gift shop or a concession stand to buy more treats while you are walking through one of the best light displays ever!

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Gallery Credit: Lauren Wells