Calling all 90's music lovers - The "I Love The 90's Tour" is back, and bigger than ever. The 2023 edition is so big and has so many artists that they had to spread it out over 2 nights.

With so many performers lined up to play this two-night show, there's bound to be at least a couple of favorites for anyone. This year's roster for this summer event at Grand Casino Hinckley features some heavy-hitters from back in the day, with tons of chart-topping favorites under their belts.

So, who is performing at this two-night music event? Here's a breakdown of the artists by the day they perform:

Friday, June 2 Performers

For Friday's performances, doors open at 3 pm.

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Initially many of us first remember hearing about DJ Jazzy Jeff with the Fresh Prince (Will Smith) The duo won their first Grammy back in 1989 for "Parent's Just Don't Understand" and later another Grammy for their massive hit "Summertime." Jeff also made many appearances as himself on the TV show The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air. After the show ended Jeff continues to Dj and produce music.

Bone Thugs N Harmony

This group has been going strong since 1993 with their breakout hit single "Thuggish Ruggish Bone". Another huge song for them is "Tha Crossroads." The 6 member group hails from Cleveland, Ohio putting a midwestern rap group on the map.


An American R&B Pop group that had  a couple of big hits like " I Swear", "So Much In Love, and "I Can Love You Like That." This foursome all from California first hit the music scene back in 1993.


They are one of my personal favorite groups from the '90s incorporating the New Jack Swing sound and smooth R&B. Founded in 1991 by Chauncey "Black" Hannibal, and Teddy "Street" Riley the group put out a total of four albums together. Their debut album in 1993 produced the hit songs "Before I Let You Go' and "Booti Call" but their most successful song to date was released in 1996 called "No Diggity" with Dr. Dre. The current group does not contain the original member and founder Teddy Riley.

SWV (Sisters With Voices)

This trio from New York City originally started as a gospel group in 1988 but soon became one of the most successful R&B groups of the 90s selling more than 25 million records worldwide. They had a number of hits including my favorite "Right Here (Human Nature Remix)", "Weak", 'I'm So Into You", and " You're The One." The group broke up in 1998 but actually reunited again this past year.

Saturday, June 3 Performers

For Saturday performances, doors open at 3 pm.

Tag Team

This duo from Atlanta Georgia was really a one-hit wonder with their song "Whoomp! (There It Is) and has found some new life starring in a Geico Commercial. They will be sure to keep the crowd going with their fun light-hearted rap style.

Kid 'N Play

This duo Christopher Reid (KID) and Christopher Martin (PLAY) actually met back in high school. They released three albums between 1988 and 1991 but became super popular by acting in the House Party movies with Martin Lawrence and also producing songs for the soundtrack as well. They are sure to keep the crowd hyped with their dance moves and upbeat songs!

Rob Base

Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock are a hip-hop duo from Harlem, New York. Their big break came in 1988 with two songs that blew up the charts "It Takes Two" and "Joy And Pain" both of which have been sampled by numerous other artists. It will be hard to stand still when Base hits the stage.

Tone Loc

Anthony Terrell Smith known as Tone Loc has a very unique raspy voice that set him aside from all the other rappers at the time. His debut album "Loc-ed After Dark" was released in 1989 with the monster hit 'Wild Thing" and the second single "Funky Cold Medina". He has done movies, television, and voice-over work and has been a staple on the 'I Love The 90's' Tours every year.

Vanilla Ice

Robert Matthew Van Winkle or Vanilla Ice became an absolute sensation in 1990 with the release of his album 'To The Extreme' and his monster single "Ice Ice Baby." This song was the first Hip Hop single to top the billboard charts spending 16 weeks at #1 and 11 million copies of the album were sold. Although Vanilla Ice released a few more studio albums none of them had the same commercial success. He then dabbled in motor cross racing and also started working on the show The Vanilla Ice Project on the HGTV network where his construction projects were really impressive. He has also been a staple through the years going on the 'I Love The 90's Tour.'

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